Welcome!  Abundant Heart is a blog developed for the purpose of reaching out and ministering to all ages, races, colors, and nationalities with the love and hope found in Jesus Christ.

Luke 6:45 says a man’s mouth speaks from that which fills his heart.  Whatever is compelling a person, driving or consuming him/her — rest assured that person is going to talk about it.  It is not hard to tell if someone is hurting, reaching out, needing a friend, dealing with insecurity, or any number of things.  Simply stopping long enough to listen, really listen, will oftentimes be the gesture that allows the door of the heart to open.

Abundant Heart is a place to find encouragement, prayer support, devotions from God’s Word, book reviews, and a few food-for-thought comments along the way. It is a working site in progress, so feel free to make suggestions or requests, and comments with constructive critique are always welcomed.

In God’s image, mankind is fearfully and wonderfully made with significant worth and value.  God created with purpose and as a creation of His, we have much to contribute.  God has a plan for life.  He has a plan for every life He created.  He did not create life as an accident or an after-thought.  God has a plan and direction for everyone’s life.  He is sovereign and trustworthy.

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