Spiritual Growth

“Unplanned” — Go See It!

“Unplanned.” I cannot be quiet about this new movie. I am typically not a watcher of R-rated movies but this movie is different. (you can read credible and trustworthy reviews at pluggedin.com). The rating comes from the difficulty of watching such graphic cruelty to the unborn and the unexpected suffering of mothers as they abort their child(ren). I watched this film this week and it has gripped my soul. I cannot lay it aside. Although I’ve never found myself on the abortion side of a mother’s heart, I’ve counseled and prayed with many mothers who have. Years later, they still cannot let go of the pain, the heartbreak, and the emptiness an abortion brings.

After watching this interview with Franklin Graham, https://billygraham.org/story/franklin-graham-joins-unplanned-actress-on-facebook-live/ I am even more convinced that this movie, “Unplanned,” and Ashley Bratcher’s testimony, as well as Abby Johnson’s (Planned Parenthood Director) story, is something God wants to use to open many eyes and stir the hearts people contemplating abortion or even stir faithful Christians (and churches) who have had their heads stuck in the sand for much, much too long.

I am praying how God would use me to be a more active voice and advocate for the unborn. Please watch this interview and then go see the movie. You may walk into the theatre with preconceived ideas, but I dare say anyone will walk out having not been shaken to the core. I don’t think it’s possible not to be stirred, convicted, compassion-filled, and deeply moved by this all-important message.

When the credits started rolling, I realized after almost two hours, I had not changed positions or shifted my weight in my theatre seat — my purse was still in my lap, unzipped where I had silenced and slipped in my phone. I was glued to the screen within seconds and time stood still from that point forward. Riveting. Compelling. Horrific. Unbelievable. Gripping. Outstanding and well-done. A must see and MUST tell. These are the words and phrases I would use to describe “Unplanned.” This movie is based on a true story. Go see it.

Watch the trailer here:

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