Spiritual Growth


The Holy Spirit never ceases to amaze me.  As elementary as it may seem, He simply knows everything.  He knows when someone is hurting with defeat. He knows when someone experiences the exuberance of victory.  He also knows not only what goes on behind the scenes, but behind the walls of the heart where we believe no one can penetrate — He sees.  He knows.  He cares.

Several weeks ago, this same Holy Spirit burdened my heart for relationships and marriages within the sphere of my influence, which included family, church family, friends, students, and colleagues.  He burdened my heart toward fervent and focused prayer which began the first day of February (the love month).  Eight days into this focus on prayer I have seen salvation come to three souls. “Hallelujah!”  I have seen the layers of crusted hurt and pain begin to be ever so gently pulled away, and the process of healing restoration commence in the hearts of some relationships. “Hallelujah!” I have experienced an inflow of more married couples who have revealed they need a divine touch of healing and restoration from a loving, heavenly Father (36 couples and counting). Healing begins with admitting help is needed and desired, as God will not penetrate an unwilling heart. It would seem more and more are willing. For this I say, “Hallelujah!”

The Holy Spirit amazes me.  He is alive and well.  If anyone thinks differently, I would challenge him/her to search the scripture for the breath and power of the Holy Spirit.  He was present in power at creation Genesis 1:2; He was present and empowered Jesus when he was forty days in the wilderness Luke 4; He completely transformed Saul from a persecutor of Christians and empowered him as Paul to preach the gospel; He empowered and performed miracles of healing and raising the dead to life through Peter. It would seem each time the Holy Spirit comes on the scene, there is power.

The Holy Spirit is just as powerful today. If anyone thinks differently, I would challenge him/her to sincere and focused prayer.  Allow Him to penetrate the heart of the one praying first, and then begin to watch the effectiveness and power those prayers invoke. Use whatever strategy the Holy Spirit puts on your heart.  Mine is simple –2:14 every day; fasting and focused one day a week throughout the month of February.  His activity is convincing me He sees, He knows, He cares. I believe He wants to heal, restore, and amaze.

What might God do through the focused and sincere prayer of His people?  He sees.  He knows. He cares.  Pray and let the Holy Spirit do what He does best — come in power and amaze.  

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