Spiritual Growth

Praying on the Mountain

“It was at this time that He went off to the mountain to pray, and He spent the whole night in prayer to God. And when day came, He called His disciples to Him and chose twelve of them, whom He also named as apostles” (Luke 6:12-13, NASB).

This year, the TBC’s men’s retreat is entitled, Men on the Mountain. It is designed for not only a time of fellowship between men, but also a time of fellowship and experiencing God. TBC men will be seeking God’s heart and leadership in their personal lives, their family, as well as their church.

Last week, my husband and I traveled to the retreat area on Lake Greeson to pray over the place where the Trinity Baptist Church men will meet. As Gary walked and prayed around the cabins in one direction, I walked and prayed in the other. It was our desire to not only ask God to come and meet the men there, we desired that God would speak to our hearts that day as well. God never disappoints a willing heart.

As I stood on the cabin deck, high on that mountain overlooking the lake, I asked the Father what my place was in this men’s endeavor. As I was quiet and still, anticipating an answer, the only audible sound I heard was the wind blowing through the pines, and the distant hammering of a woodpecker. But in the stillness and quiet of that moment, I also heard God breathe across my heart these simple, yet distinct words — “fast and pray.”

Gary and I seriously believe God is up to something in the body of TBC. It seems as if He is getting us prepared for a great and mighty move — perhaps a move of power like we’ve never encountered before. His Spirit is blowing through this body — we see it, we hear it, do you?  He’s here.  Do you recognize Him?  Do you see where He’s actively working?  We desire to be active wherever God is working; this desire drives us more and more to our knees seeking the face of the One who holds tomorrow in His hand.

In the midst of God’s activity in TBC, the body is currently seeking to add another full-time staff member. What a blessing that God has sent many young men with impeccable integrity and holy drive to yield their complete life serving in full-time ministry. Trinity is now faced with making the decision on which candidate God desires for this body.  God has already chosen the man for Trinity, it’s our job to actively seek God to hear His voice and follow in obedience.

I believe, praying for our men as they are seeking God on the mountain and praying for our leadership team as they interview full-time staff member applicants is an invitation from God to fast and pray in seeking His face. The Luke 6:12-13 scripture gives confirmation to fast and pray by following Jesus’ example. If Jesus, Himself, thought the decision of choosing the disciples was important enough to pull away from the crowd and pray all night — how much more do I/we need to pray and seek God?

I am extending this challenge and invitation to the women of Trinity. Do you desire to hear from God? Do you desire for your spouse and/or our men of TBC to hear from God this week? Do you desire to see TBC empowered by the Holy Spirit and receive clear direction for His body of believers? How deep is your desire? How bad do you want to hear from God? Are we desperate for Him?  I invite you to fast and pray.

Seek the Lord and ask how He wants you to become involved this week in this charge of fasting and prayer. The TBC Prayer Room will be open from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Wednesday (Feb. 18th), Thursday, and Friday for the purpose of TBC coming together to pray. We will be fervently imploring God to move among our men while they are seeking Him on the mountain and for those men in the body who are not able to attend this year. We will also beseech the God of the Universe to direct our leadership to TBC’s next staff member.

Seek the Lord of the Harvest. He wants to meet with you. He desires to speak to you. The same Jesus who sought God on the mountain is the same Jesus who desires to have intimacy with you. Pray, my sisters. Fast and pray. He will never disappoint a seeking heart.

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