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Put Asunder

In search for an old file, I ran across this poem I wrote as a writing assignment several years ago. I recall, at the time, there were several of my friends and loved-ones who were struggling in their marriages and my heart was breaking for many around me. Praying prayers full of questions concerning how? why? what? and dealing with emotions of anger and confusion, I wrote the words which follow as if I were the actual one dealing with the agony of an attack.

The Lord spoke to me by the end of penning this free-verse poem and helped me to see the filthy, unrelenting scheme of Satan in the midst of shredded families. Even today, I must constantly remind myself (and others) the truth in Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

I had forgotten the words of this poem; yet, as I read through them again today, my heart was broken fresh and anew for friends and family who are currently experiencing or have experienced and bear the scars of being… “Put Asunder.”

May we recognize the waging war Satan has declared on relationships and how he continues to be successful in ripping families apart. May we cling to God, the Healer and Sustainer of life, marriage, and family.


Put Asunder

Once joined together — now
I’m alone
I’m scared
Abandoned – thrown aside
I see no ceasefire
No reconciliation.

I can’t find the strength to pray.
Fear and Shame.
Guilt and Blame.

This is not of God
Not holy
Not edifying
Not righteous.
This is an attack of the evil one.

This is not Jesus –
How does he do it?
How does he convince?
What was once vibrancy and life,
Is now nothing but despair
It makes no sense.

He says he doesn’t love me
And hasn’t cared for a long while.
He says he’s leaving –
He wants a divorce
My soul screams out –
Violently and wild.
What about us? What about me?
What about our children?

Is it all so easily tossed aside?
With no regard? No remorse?
No desire to work it out? No regrets?

What happened to the deep love —
the commitment we would never forsake?
What happened along the way —
that made our hearts grow cold and opaque?
Was it the busyness of life —
too many days apart?
Was it losing sight of God in our holy union —
that severed our hearts?

When was the last time we prayed together?
When have we sought Him as one?
We’ve been torn apart – ripped to shreds.
It’s as if we don’t know each other
My heart is breaking – and numb.

How will we tell our family?
What will our friends say and do?
How will the kids ever understand when we tell them —
Our family is now longer one – but two.

What once was commitment and devotion
Has become hurt,
I give up.
No more.
I don’t understand. I’m too tired to fight.
Forget it all.

Whatever it takes to finish it.
Just get it over with and done.

The evil one grins as blood drips from his filthy fangs –
One more union destroyed –
Family shattered
Ripped to shreds
Put asunder.

1 thought on “Put Asunder”

  1. Great poem! You could feel the hurt reading it. I could tell it came for your heart your caring about others. Hug!

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