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one thousand gifts… book recommendation

     “It takes a full twenty minutes after your stomach is full for your brain to register satiation.  How long 1000 giftsdoes it take your soul to realize that your life is full? (Voskamp, 76)… [I]f authentic, saving belief is the act of trusting, then to choose stress is an act of disbelief…atheism.  Anything less than gratitude and trust is practical athesim (148)… [T]rust is the bridge from yesterday to tomorrow, built with planks of thanks.  Remembering frames up gratitude.  Gratitude lays out the planks of trust.  I can walk the planks — from known to unknown — and know: He holds” (151).

It has been a long time since I have picked up a book that captured my attention and piqued my interest like this innocent looking paperback one thousand gifts.  Author, Ann Voskamp, a mother of six, writes in a way that is more than prolific — her words are poetically enchanting and speak in such a way which carries the reader to a point of longing to stay and relish the beauty of what is seen through lens of simplicity and thankfulness. Looking for the formula to live life to the fullest in the midst of everyday-in and day-out tasks, Voskamp beautifully leads her audience to the realization that the mystery to experiencing a miracle is really no mystery at all. Scripture and biblical truth are intertwined throughout the pages as well as much practical, life application.

I will be looking for more of this author’s work and am thankful for the sweet friend who gave this heart treasure to me as a Mother’s Day gift. Click on the picture to see more information on this book which can be purchased in Kindle or paperback through Amazon.  It also can be found at LifeWay.  I have noticed that an accompanying study and DVD are also available.  This is one book I will certainly allow to be borrowed, but will reference time and time again from the shelves my personal library as well.

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