Spiritual Growth

I Saw God Today

I saw God today.  I think that’s a George Strait song, isn’t it?  I’m not for certain George wrote it, or if he really believes he saw God — but I saw Him — no doubt.  He didn’t show up as I might have expected.  No brilliant white robe; no gleaming sword; not one fleck of gold from the heavenly paths in sight — yet I knew it was Him.  I saw no mist in the room; felt no mighty rushing wind; heard no trumpet sound — yet He was there.  My heart beat a little quicker and my awareness was heightened as I encountered His presence and I trembled just a bit because I knew it was Him.

He was in the face of one who told me of a desire to have a confidence about a salvation experience and was tired of being tormented with a life of doubt and uncertainty.   He was in the sincerity of another’s voice who asked, “How does one know for certain God really speaks? How can I experience His voice?” I chuckled to myself when I saw Him in the peaceful smile of contentment from the one who told me, “He is real!  I do have purpose like never before and I want to grow to love Him more!” I recognized Him immediately in the intense, brown eyes of the one who shared a past life of childhood molestation/abuse and the anguish of seeking someone, something, anything to take away the deep-rooted, torturing fear.

Yes, I saw God today.  Confidentiality and privacy purposes will not allow to reveal where or in whom — but I can say in confidence, God is everywhere.  He’s lingering around every corner if we will but take the time to expose ourselves and step out of our comfort zone to encounter Him.   I agree with George… it’s a miracle — I saw God today. Hands

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