Spiritual Growth


This picture melts my heart.  This is my granddaughter with her baby.  It is her first time in “big church” with mom and dad.  She’s three. My goodness, what a great job these parents are doing to teach this little one to reverence God.  They are teaching her that God is a person.  God is real.  God is someone we can talk to, and He is worthy of our respect.

They are teaching Maggie by praying with her every night before she goes to bed.  I have witnessed what happens in their home and it is a beautiful thing.  After bath time, they gather in her room, read a book together, and then the entire family prays; she gets to choose who prays first.  They have modeled prayer for her, so now that she is three and can voice whole sentences, she is praying on her own and voicing her thanksgiving and requests.  She never fails to end her prayer with “Jesus, we love you SOOOO much!” I just know it must make God the Father grin all over every night.

There is no greater discipline we can teach our children than to pray.  They will not “get it” by us telling them to pray… we must pray with them.  They must see us pray.  They must be taught that prayer makes a difference.  How?  By praying specifically, and then when God answers… telling them how God has been faithful hear their prayers.

Prayer.  It’s not the least we can do — it is the most.  If the future success of our children’s prayer life hinges on our current prayer involvement and influence, how strong will their prayer life be? Whether they are two days old or 20 years — there’s no better time than now to start praying with our children.

Luke 18:1 — Now He was telling them a parable to show that at all times they ought to pray and not to lose heart…

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